My design blog

Hey, I’ve started (or re-started) this blog as outlet for my thoughts and work on design.  I’m currently studying towards a degree in Design & Innovation with the Open University, and I’ve previously graduated from the University of Sunderland with a degree in Business & Enterprise management.  I have an interest in all aspects of design, but in particular graphic, web and sound design are among my favourite
Creativity is the thing I admire most in people and aspire to make a living out of my own creativity.  However, I’m restricted by time and skills, while I’m working to increase my skills, my time is decreasing.  So, I’ll be keeping a record of the things I produce for uni here, I’ll also be blogging about my thoughts on the course.
I’ve just bought a house, so will hopefully be posting some success stories of our little interior design project on the site too. 
I try to take inspiriation from everywhere, but having recently been looking through a lot of Nordic interior design blogs for the afore mentioned project, I’ve come to love the straight lines, and grey scale they offer along with the contrasting vintage furniture and futuristic light fittings.   Yes, I seriously just said all of that. 
Anyway, thanks for reading 😀

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