So, I bought a house…

Buying Houses, oh yeah – I do that now!

After 1587 episodes of Homes Under the Hammer studiously watched, and 8 months of solicitory nonsense, I have finally bought a house.

Built in 1925, she has been untouched since January 1926, probably.  15 Different types of wall covering in each room.  I shit you not, Tartan wall paper in the bathroom, black orange and yellow in the living room to name my own personal highlights.

We’ve found vintage cameras, Which magazines from 1974 in immaculate condition, and some home living mags with some very dodgy recipes in them.  Also found within my new home were invitations to Buckingham palace, no less, for a Garden Party in 1969.  I’m happy to say that I got this back to the previous owner’s daughter, owing to it’s emotional value… But there’s no way she’s getting that camera!!

The cherry on the cake though was the cast iron fireplace found in the front bedroom behind some boarding.  Plans to have it restored are afoot.

I’ll be posting some of the pics of the work done so far, and I’ll update the work we do to bring the old girl into the 21st century. 


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