Design Thinking U101

I’m coming to the end of my design module with the Open University, and I wanted to keep an online record to show my work.  

My first assignment was to design a T-Shirt using these theme of ”Hands. 


I have designed here a T-Shirt with a typographical image. I wanted to design a t-shirt which said something a little bit about me, would be something I would wear, and something I could develop into a genuine saleable product.

I admire designers who use type in an inventive way, and also hand written/drawn typography is also something I admire and aspire to do.

My T-Shirt is designed for the target market of 20-30 something creative that would shop online maybe at or

I am happy with the way the design has come out. The type was sketched out and moved over into Adobe Illustrator. From there I have aimed to retain the hand-drawn aesthetic whilst making the design look right on a T-shirt.

I have integrated the design of the words with the design of the hand image by allowing the pencil to go through the ‘O’ of the word On. I believe that this shows where I have put further thought into how this design works overall. I wanted the design to have a complete feel by using many different elements and bringing them together.

I feel that this is also an aspect of design that come through in the T-shirt.

It was my goal to design a typographical slogan which was a play on words, and also meant something to the end user.  The double meaning in my case was that to draw on one’s experience is to use the knowledge you have gain in the past, and part of that knowledge, as a design would have come from the use of sketching and drawing.  I hope that creative people and designers could find something to relate to in this t-shirt/slogan. 




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