Saint Nazaire

Saint Nazaire is the collective works of co-founders Liam Carlin and Steve Thompson. Working together over the last year, they have begun developing audio/visual installations with the ultimate goal of performing the works live.

With an ever expanding list of influences, ranging from Bjork and Bauhaus to L.A.’s Low End Theory and the mind blowing visuals of Warp’s Amon Tobin, Saint Nazaire is a continuously evolving project which is going from strength to strength.

Saint Nazaire’s goal’s for 2012 is to release a four track EP over the summer, which will be available free to download from ???. They also hope to make preparations for a live show whilst raising awareness of their work. We’ll upload visuals when we can at – please check them out.

We’ll be using Soundcloud as a means of getting the tracks heard – We’ll upload part finished and demo tracks when we feel we can. Hopefully we’ll have some live stuff on soon!

A couple of the tracks that have been made can be downloaded at


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