Design Thinking (#U101) – Solution Design

The final submission of Design Thinking (U101) was to design a solution to a problem of my own choice.  This solution was to come in the form of 3 posters detailing the Problem, some thoughts on possible Solutions, and a final Solution proposal.  

The problem I chose to work on was ‘The attractiveness of using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) in Athletics’, and this was my submission:








Final Proposal


The Unity Games are a series of professional athletics meetings which allow men and women, of mixed ability to compete with and against each other.

The teams are invited by the governing body to join the league and compete for a championship in the same way Formula 1 is contested. The teams travel for a season and score points by winning games.

As they travel, the teams are legally obliged to ensure that athletes are fit and healthy and pass the testing for banned substances. In joining the Unity Games, athletes commit to using standardised sporting supplements and governing body approved nutrition. These athletes will also undergo stricter testing than amateur athletes with failure resulting in expulsion from games and fine for the teams.

The Championship consists of Team based prizes and Athlete centric awards, such as Overall Winning Team and Champion of Mixed Rugby, to Champion Sprinter, and so on.

The needs met here are:

Athletes: the opportunity for a career in athletics which provides earnings comparable with other sporting competitors, and also the chance to become part of a successful team.

Fans: entertainment, access in terms of TV coverage and promotions.

Business: sponsorship opportunity, Research and Development of new sporting goods and the marketing of these goods.

The teams may hire who they see fit to compete for them in the games. However, there will be a quota required in terms of the athletes mix .

The games will be competed like standard athletics meeting, over the course of the weekend, and have standard track and field games, with the added mixed games like Mixed Ability Rugby. The Games will culminate on Sunday night with the Mixed Ability Rugby Final, an emblematic feature of the Unity Games which is played in the centre field.



Design Thinking U101

I’m coming to the end of my design module with the Open University, and I wanted to keep an online record to show my work.  

My first assignment was to design a T-Shirt using these theme of ”Hands. 


I have designed here a T-Shirt with a typographical image. I wanted to design a t-shirt which said something a little bit about me, would be something I would wear, and something I could develop into a genuine saleable product.

I admire designers who use type in an inventive way, and also hand written/drawn typography is also something I admire and aspire to do.

My T-Shirt is designed for the target market of 20-30 something creative that would shop online maybe at or

I am happy with the way the design has come out. The type was sketched out and moved over into Adobe Illustrator. From there I have aimed to retain the hand-drawn aesthetic whilst making the design look right on a T-shirt.

I have integrated the design of the words with the design of the hand image by allowing the pencil to go through the ‘O’ of the word On. I believe that this shows where I have put further thought into how this design works overall. I wanted the design to have a complete feel by using many different elements and bringing them together.

I feel that this is also an aspect of design that come through in the T-shirt.

It was my goal to design a typographical slogan which was a play on words, and also meant something to the end user.  The double meaning in my case was that to draw on one’s experience is to use the knowledge you have gain in the past, and part of that knowledge, as a design would have come from the use of sketching and drawing.  I hope that creative people and designers could find something to relate to in this t-shirt/slogan.